Universidade do Porto

Useful information



Support and assistance on arrival and during the period of stay

We provide assistance on arrival by welcoming all scholarship holders at the airport (through the buddy system implemented at each department or through our scholarship holders); Upon arrival all students have to attend to the orientation session (focused on the rules about the Erasmus Mundus Program); Also have to attend to an information session (focused on information about their stay at the University of Porto);


Halls of residence on offer

Our office provides support in booking the accommodation at the World SPRU Residence (private): www.spru.pt We also provide contacts for private accommodation but booking is done autonomously


Language courses on offer

We offer free Portuguese Language Courses to all students that are selected for a period of 10 or more months (depending on the budget available for tuition fees). More information: http://sigarra.up.pt/flup/pt/web_base.gera_pagina?P_pagina=2419. All students whose mobility duration is less than 10 months will be offered the opportunity to participate in a language course, but they will have to pay a small fee of approximately 200 EUR (varies each year) for enrolment. Detailed information on application deadlines, enrolment conditions and other relevant information is available at http://www.letras.up.pt/gi/candidaturas/candauth.asp?tt=ea&ln=eng


Information on the cost of living, climate and cultural events

The cost of living is not very high compared to other countries in Europe (on average a student should be able to spend for accommodation and food with approximately 500 Euros per month). Meals are offered at a very low rate in the University cafeterias (around 2,50 Euros) http://sigarra.up.pt/up/en/web_base.gera_pagina?p_pagina=122283#cv. The climate is mild, winters can be cold and rainy but summers have very pleasant temperatures between 20 and 25 CÂș. Porto is a very lively city and througout the year it is possible to be part of a variety of cultural events organized by different small organizations or the city hall. The ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Porto organizes several integration activities (http://www.esnporto.org/)


Support to disabled people

Disabled students should inform the International Office in advance, so that provision is taken regarding their accommodation. Some University halls of residence are already prepared for disabled people. Faculties operating in modern buildings have adequate architectural devices, but that does not always apply to older buildings. The SAED is a support service of the University which seeks to facilitate the integration of students with special education needs in the University of Porto. It aims to provide disabled students with the support they need to successfully accomplish their studies. http://sdi.letras.up.pt/default.aspx?pg=saedup.ascx&m=11


Monitoring Activities

Monthly meetings, follow up via email, quality control through analysis of TOR's and qualitative reports every semester


Integration events organized by the University

Welcoming events to Erasmus Mundus students and to all international students: Welcoming Meeting, Christmas, Carnival and other local festivities' celebrations; other social and cultural events such as music concerts, picnicks, sports activities, etc.